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Essential Oils

Essential Oils, cbd oil, CBD Oil

What are Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes.  Essential oil uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal beauty care and natural medicine treatments.  The ingredients in essential oils come from distilling or extracting the different parts of plants, like the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin and peels.   We have listed the benefits of a few or our Essential Oils.

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Powerful Stress Reliever and Antidepressant, Aids Digestive System, Natural Deodorant, Cleanses and Soothes Skin, Anti-Bacterial


Increases Circulation, stimulates immune System, Anti-Inflammatory, Stimulates Libido, Fights Free Radicals


Natural Expectorant, Fights Dandruff and Itchy Scalp, Promotes Circulation, Anti-Microbial, Prevents Odors, Treats Wounds, Relieves Respiratory Problems


Fights Anxiety, Natural Deodorizer, Anti-septic, Slows Signs of Aging Skin, relieves Indigestion, soothes Eczema, Reduces Appearance of Scars and Anti-Inflammatory


Reduces Anxiety, Improves Mental Alertness, Balances Skin Complexion, Fights Free Radicals, Improves sleep, Heals Burns and Cuts, Aids in Diabetes Treatment

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